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Use Of Diamond Bit Impregnated
Apr 24, 2017

The impregnated diamond bits are used in inner and outer cladding alloys, the use of large granular diamond, special process forging, do not drop the block, not peeling, drilling fast, widely used in geological prospecting, mining, wells development and other projects, footage quickly, deep footage, good size, adaptability, in the domestic favored by many customers, its main use:

1. Used in geology, coalfield, metallurgy, building materials, mining core drilling;

2. For highways, railways, bridges, housing construction, hydropower and other core engineering exploration drilling;

3. For soft and dangerous Rocks, foundation treatment, broken strata grouting reinforcement drilling;

4. For large-caliber engineering drilling, hydrology wells drilling, Construction pile Foundation, inverted hole construction drilling;

5. For tunnel ventilation, exhaust, rock mass monitoring drilling and concrete sampling drilling.

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