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The History Of The Diamond Core Bits
May 10, 2017

Diamond drill is a kind of drilling tool is different from the first people to drill, natural diamond cutting element for making blasthole and digging tunnels tool, and later appeared in natural diamond steel fishtail drilling comprehensive drilling bit and coring head. In the early days, the diamond bit was put on the low carbon steel. Due to the limited source of natural diamond, high price, and the size and performance of its own, as well as the backwardness of the manufacturing process, which greatly limits the application of diamond bit in oil drilling industry.

With the development of powder metallurgy technology, a new type of diamond bit has been developed. The appearance of this technology has greatly improved the manufacturing level of diamond bits. Matrix diamond bit has the characteristics of erosion resistance and wear resistance, has good performance, and its manufacturing process is not complicated.

The development of Synthetic Polycrystalline Diamond has played an important role in the development of diamond bit technology. The appearance of artificial polycrystalline diamond bit (PDC bit) was once known as a breakthrough in the drilling industry in 1980s. Field use shows that the soft to medium hardness drilling with PDC bit has the advantages of high drilling speed, more footage and long service life, stable operation, less accidents, downhole wellbore quality and so on, and can be used for high speed drilling with downhole motor. The rational use of diamond bit can greatly shorten the period of construction, reduce the cost of drilling and improve the economic benefit of drilling.

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