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Purchase Method Of PDC Bit
Apr 24, 2017

The PDC bit is chosen to be purchased according to its purpose:

1. The PDC composite bits for geological prospecting are mainly used in the composite bits of geologic prospecting and prospecting, which are suitable for soft to medium and hard rock strata.

2. The coal drill adopts PDC composite bits, mainly used in coal seam drilling excavation, generally speaking, the strata of coalfield are relatively soft and the composite bits are used in large quantities, such as anchor drill bits, three-wing drill bits and so on.

3. Oil exploration composite bits, mainly used in oil and gas field drill use drill bits, at present, oilfield composite bits are all composite bits of the highest cost, the highest requirements, the purchase price is also relatively high.

The PDC bit purchase must first understand the stratum's soft and hard degree and grinding, drilling section depth, easy to slant strata, soft and hard staggered strata, through the test and practice to choose the drill bits suitable for the stratum.

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