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Probe Into The Application Range Of Diamond Rods
Apr 24, 2017

In recent years, with the development of mining, energy construction and basic engineering construction, the demand for rock drill is increased, and the types of diamond rods are being exploited. Performance and quality also have higher requirements, as a professional exploration of the diamond rod production enterprises, to meet market demand and improve the overall level of diamond rod products, Master drill pipe products and market development trend, produce more and better drill products.

The shape of the drill is based on the hardness and composition of the rock, and the commonly used drill bits have diamond bits, cemented carbide bits and DTH bits, etc. the extension of drill pipe service life, first of all to pay attention to the improvement of product quality, the use of good materials and good processing technology, in addition, in the use of the process of mining diamond rods, users should also use the correct way to make it become our good helper in the process of mining.

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