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Maintenance Of Drill Bits
Apr 24, 2017

1. When drilling the steel parts, please ensure adequate cooling capacity and use of metal cutting fluids.

2. Good drill rod steel and guideway clearance can improve the precision of drilling and drill bit life.

3. Please ensure the smoothness and cleanliness between the magnetic block and the workpiece.

4. When drilling the sheet, to reinforce the workpiece and drill the large workpiece, make sure the workpiece is solid.

5. At the beginning and end of the borehole, the feed should be lowered by 1/3.

6. A large number of small powder materials, such as cast iron, bronze, etc., can not use the coolant, and the use of compressed air to help chip discharge.

7. Please clear the iron scraps wrapped in the drill in time to ensure that the chips are smooth.

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