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Introduction To Rock Classification
Apr 24, 2017

There are many methods of classifying, and more commonly used for the masses to memorize the main following 3 kinds:

1, according to hardness of rock classification

The hardness of rock is a lot of methods, the most recognized is MO hardness, rock hardness from 1 to 10 grades, and enumerate the representative rocks, that is, the rocks divided into 1-10 levels.

2, according to abrasive classification of rocks

Grinding is reflected in the diamond drill bit to rock drilling difficult degree, divided into strong grinding, strong grinding and weak grinding of three grades, the higher the grinding, the more the rock can be drilled, that is, the more difficult to be drilled rocks.

3, according to the degree of completeness to rock classification

The development process of rocks is extremely slow and complex, accompanied by weathering, migration and other processes, so the rocks have complete and broken points, according to this classification, rocks can be divided into broken, more complete, and complete three large systems, usually the composition of the complete rock is relatively stable single, and broken rocks often because of the different components of the mutual non-production, so the difference between components.

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