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Introduction To Diamond Core Drills For Geological Drilling
Jun 21, 2017

I. classification of coring drills

In geological drilling, coring bit is divided into diamond bit, diamond PDC bit, diamond wire bit.

Two. Coring bit selection principle

According to different drilling tasks, we must choose the right bit, the purpose is to improve drilling efficiency and reduce drilling comprehensive cost.

1. drilling mudstone strata soft, we recommend the use of PDC bit, because the wear resistance of this type of drill is outstanding, nozzle, have better efficiency and work time for footage of soil layer.

2. drilling hard rock strata, we recommend the use of electroplated diamond core drill bit, this type of drill reasons because of the production process, the efficiency of the footage is exceptionally prominent, strong ability of breaking rock in the rock drilling efficiency, far exceeding the PDC bit.

We need 3. more than 300 meters deep hole drilling, at this time, diamond rope coring drill is very suitable, because of the increase of the hole depth, is very important for core extraction, characteristics of wire drill drill not greatly shortened the time on the drill string, the deep hole drilling cost reduce.

Three. Coring bit specifications

In our country's geological drilling operations, commonly used GB caliber diamond core drill bits are: 75mm, 91mm, 110mm, 130mm, 150mm, 170mm.

Four, the market price

For the price of a diamond core bit, with production process improvement, the bit cost decline, the price is gradually reduced, and the improvement of technology now makes the drilling efficiency is significantly enhanced, gradually decline in the cost of.


The diamond core bit has a further expanding trend in the market, and its price will decline as the market competition becomes more and more fierce

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