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Introduction Of Rope Coring Drill Tool
Apr 24, 2017

Rope coring Drilling also called not to mention drilling coring drilling, it is characterized as the core is filled with internal tubes, do not mention drilling and rope salvage from the drill pipe to get out of the inner tube core, because of its simple structure, high drilling efficiency, rock (mine) core adopts high rate, low labor intensity, low cost of drilling, and the obvious advantages of widespread use.

Rope-type coring tool mainly consists of salvage mechanism, elastic card mechanism, inner and outer barrel assembly, core claw combination and coring bit, the long well section takes the heart, utilizes the elastic card mechanism, the salvage mechanism and the rope recycling the inner barrel assembly, achieves the continuous coring goal, saves the drilling time greatly, reduces the working intensity, reduces the drilling cost, enhances the drill service life.

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