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Drill Bit Usage Considerations
Apr 24, 2017

A, in the connection and unloading it should be careful not to touch the gear.

B, the need to control the speed of the drill, curiosity to prevent sudden obstacles encountered, so that it can not play a better effect.

C, must ensure that the water above the two pumps intact.

D, Need to keep the mud clean and prevent the nozzle plugging, so that it affects its use.

E, must ensure that at the bottom of the well clean and do not drop things, in the drill and drilling when the mud scraper or steel plate to cover the wellhead, often check clamp teeth safety pin and wellhead tools to prevent wellhead falls.

F, the parameters that need to be changed immediately in the presence of lame drills and jumping drills.

G, should pay attention to drill bits, prevent the drill, the Dayton drill.

H, in the end of the drill, it needs to cycle about 10 minutes of time, using 1-2 tons to drill about 0.5 meters, slowly pressurized to 6-8 tons of drilling, need to send a very average when drilling, prevention of its vent damage teeth, and its drill pressure generally do not exceed 10 tons, in the encounter when the drill to slowly, to analyze, if the cause is the sandwich needs patience, can not blindly increase the drill pressure.

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