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Rock breaking mechanism of diamond bits
Apr 24, 2017

The rock breaking effect of diamond bits is accomplished by diamond particles, knowing the rock breaking effect of the drill bit, it is necessary to understand the rock breaking effect of single diamond, in the hard stratum. The single diamond under the pressure of drilling to make rocks in a very high stress state (about 4200-5700MPa, some information is considered to be up to 6300MPa), make rock transition from brittleness to plasticity, single diamond to eat into the formation, under the effect of torque cutting rock broken, The depth of cutting is essentially equal to the depth of the diamond particles. This process is like "ploughing", which is called the plow-cutting effect of diamond bits.

In some brittle rocks (such as sandstone, limestone, etc.), the diamond particles on the drill at the same time the drill pressure torque, the crushing rocks are larger than the size of the diamond particles to eat and rotate the volume. When the pressure is not small, only along the direction of the diamond movement to form smaller grooves, increase pressure will make small groove deep and the rocks on both sides of the broken, more than diamond particles cross-section size.

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