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Reasonable selection of cemented carbide drill bit
May 17, 2017

In the past, it has been thought that drilling must be done at lower feed rates and cutting speeds. This view was correct in the use of ordinary bit processing conditions. Now, with the advent of carbide drills, the concept of drilling has changed. In fact, by choosing the proper carbide drill bit, the drilling productivity can be greatly improved and the machining cost of each hole will be reduced. The basic types of cemented carbide cemented carbide drill bit for the user to choose the divided into four basic types: solid carbide drills, carbide drills with indexable inserts, welded carbide drill and replaceable carbide drill crown.

 Each drill has the advantage of being suitable for specific processing conditions.

 (1) the whole cemented carbide drill bit is suitable for the advanced machining center. This type of drill is made of fine grain carbide material, in order to prolong the service life, but also the TiAlN coating, the geometric edge type specially designed so that the drill has a self centering function, with chip control chip and good performance in drilling the majority of workpiece materials. The self centering function of the drill bit and the strict control manufacturing accuracy can ensure the drilling quality of the hole, and no subsequent fine machining is needed after drilling. 

(2) cemented carbide indexable insert drill installation carbide indexable drill hole diameter range is very wide, the depth of processing range is 2D ~ 5D (D diameter), can be used in lathe and other rotating machine. 

(3) welding hard alloy welded carbide drill bit is in a steel drill body firmly welded into a hard alloy crown. This drill with self centering blade geometry, cutting force is small, most of the workpiece material can achieve good control of the chip, the hole surface finish machined degree, size precision and position accuracy is very high, the need for subsequent finishing. The drill is internally cooled and can be used in machining centers, CNC lathes or other high rigidity and high speed machine tools.

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