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Maintenance of geological drill pipe
Jul 05, 2017

Product overview

The drill rod body is made of high quality geological alloy steel pipe, and the drill pipe joint is made of high quality alloy structural steel. After vacuum quenching and tempering, the fatigue strength and shearing strength are greatly improved. With advanced friction welding technology, the drill pipe has the characteristics of high bending strength and strong welding. The production equipment adopts the advanced numerical control processing equipment completely, has the production efficiency high, the quality stable characteristic. The geological drill rod can guarantee the straightness requirement during deep hole drilling, and the product has higher fatigue resistance and longer service life. Our company can design and produce all kinds of special specifications and performance drilling tools according to the actual needs of users.

Product maintenance 

  1. geological drill rod should be regularly maintained and maintained, determine the maintenance cycle, regular rust prevention and dust treatment.

  2. geological drill pipe and drill bit matching use, usually under the drill bit should be greater than the diameter of the drill pipe, in the drilling process should pay attention to the condition of the drill and drill rod. As a result of sticking, sudden death and other phenomena, should immediately stop drilling or drilling back slowly after drilling to ensure no bending flat drill.

  3. the geological drill pipe in ventilation or water through drilling, drilling should be identified as a tight connection. When the drill pipe has a seal, such as O type sealing ring, etc., it is necessary to pay attention to the use of the sealing parts. In the event of damage or corrosion, it is necessary to replace the sealing parts in time. After drilling, do the cleaning and cleaning of the seal.

  4. if the pipe after the use of curvature exceeds the standard requirements or thread damage caused by the normal operation, should be scrapped or returned to repair.

  5. geological drill stem should be stored in the dry place, the bottom should be more support, long-term storage should be regularly maintained drilling rod.

  6. 6. The drill pipe shall not be used as the supporting platform for heavy pile stacking, and the drill pipe shall not be placed in the crushed stone or coal pile or scattered and piled up at will.

  7. 7, geological drill pipe maintenance, rust / dust cleaning, should be put on protective cap or packing seal, guarantee drill pipe often used new.

  8. the joint friction of mine geology geological drill pipe special geological drilling pipe matched welded, so it has dynamic and high tensile strength with good, can adapt in conventional drilling and gas emission. In the hard rock, coal seam or other special environment operation, it is necessary to determine the drilling depth according to the actual material, physical properties and parameters of the drilling pipe.

  9. geological drill rod drilling should be manually gently tightened, to ensure close cooperation (thread type), can not use drilling rig directly drilling, to prevent damage to the drill pipe.

  10. in the acid and alkali area work, we should pay attention to the corrosion of the drill pipe. When drilling is completed, the surface of the rod should be cleaned with water in time to remove the corrosion layer.

  11. The use of geological drill rod shall be within the rated drilling distance of the drilling rig, and the matched drilling rod shall be used according to the technical parameters of the drilling distance.

  12. according to the standard requirements, should ensure the drill pipe drilling depth, composite geological drilling related requirements, prevent drilling rod drilling depth because the drill pipe use limit, the occurrence of shedding phenomenon.

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