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Lock taken over maintenance
Apr 24, 2017

The drill pipe is used, must wash the drill pipe with clear water appearance and internal, in the joint thread and the shoulder to be coated antirust oil; drill pipe pulling out the front door to wear the silk guard

The damaged drill rod is not allowed to go into the well, if the damaged joint is not damaged to the mother connector, the mother will be bad, and vice versa, so, should emphasize the naked eye inspection drill pipe.

To this end, in the drilling, drill to carefully inspect the following points, abnormal phenomena, should take timely measures, the inspection items include:

(1) The male, female connector thread and the shoulder is "dry" phenomenon.

(2) Joint abutment has no defect or scar.

(3) The connector thread has no torsion phenomenon.

(4) The abrasion of the joints.

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