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Discussion on new technology of diamond bit
May 10, 2017

With the application of diamond bit expanding, people require the intrinsic quality of the drill is also more and more high, and the increasingly fierce market competition, the researchers make diamond bits and producers from technology and technical innovation and improvement. In recent years, China's diamond drill manufacturers have done a lot of research work in abrasive processing, matrix binder and corresponding process, has made gratifying progress, to shorten the gap between the advanced countries and played a positive role.

To improve the quality of diamond bit can be achieved by the following technology and methods: (1) pre alloying of the matrix material; (2) the application of ultrafine powder; (3) granulation technology; (4) the technology of the two welding. With the wide application of diamond bits in petroleum, geology, mining and architecture, the research producers of diamond bits have been improved and perfected by using new technology and new technology.

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