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Diamond Drilling Sealing Material
Apr 24, 2017

1, Clay

The cohesive force produced by the attraction of the particles and the surface tension of the clay has a certain shear strength, and the value is not permeable after compaction. Therefore, can be in some shallow holes or groundwater under pressure of the water head is small, the flow is not high in the hole as sealing material, clay seal, the clay should be soaked after, made into spherical or columnar, spherical can be directly into the hole, cylindrical rock pipe delivery. After each casting of a certain amount of clay, a drill is used to pound it once.

2, Cement mortar

The cement sealing effect is good, is the main material of sealing hole, in order to increase cement strength, adding a certain proportion of sand is called mortar, because the cement is solidified in water, and the hole wall has certain cementation force, but also has the good water-isolating performance, therefore, the cement mortar is used as sealing material in the diamond drilling holes which have the complex hydrogeological conditions of main seam, main aquifer and Quaternary, and the common sealing cement is: Portland cement and aluminium sulfate cement two kinds.

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