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Detailed description of impregnated diamond bits
Apr 24, 2017

The diamond bit is one of diamond bits, which is characterized by the distribution of diamond particles in the surface and interior of the body. Drill in the body evenly wrapped with diamond particles in the drill bits, drilling in the tire body wear, diamond constantly out of the rock, can always wear out the body, all have new dew diamond work, similar to grinding metal materials, the tire body has a certain height, the outside diameter slightly larger than the drill body diameter, the diameter is slightly smaller than the drill body diameter, the body of the outer side, the inner side and the bottom have a sink, in order to remove the rock powder and cooling drill through the washing fluid.

Most of the impregnated diamond bits are made of synthetic diamonds, known as synthetic diamond bits, and man-made diamonds are much cheaper than natural diamonds and can be used extensively in hard formations.

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