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Code of coring drill bits for diamond coring
Apr 24, 2017

1. Diamond bit drilling must be used Rock Core card spring card to take the heart, in any case, the heart is strictly prohibited, the card to take the core, must first stop rotating, with the vertical shaft to drill with slowly to the bottom of the hole, so that the clamping springs hold tight cores, the heart of breaking rocks will not be drilled into the bottom of the test will also be used every time should be as far as possible to adopt the net rock heart, lest the next drill down the damage drill bit, residual rock core more than 0.2 meters, the application of the core of the drill made out of the diamond bit.

2. Before the salvage device, must be screwed on the upper end of the drill pipe, the salvage device will close to the upper end of the tube, should slow down the speed, repeatedly fished inside the tube invalid, must not dash hard pier, should mention drilling to find out the reason, salvage inside the pipe in the hoisting rope, should pay attention to whether there is flushing fluid wells in the drill pipe, to determine whether the inner tube salvage.

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