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Breaking reason of diamond drill tool
Apr 24, 2017

The drill tool itself causes the diamond drill to break.

Domestic production of diamond drill bits of many manufacturers, its production level is uneven, quality must also exist differences, and drilling operation personnel for the maintenance of drill tool is also the key to the impact of drilling tool life, so summarized the reasons for breaking the drill has:

(1) Core pipe, drill pipe and other drilling tools are not straight, leading to a large increase in the torque in the drill hole;

(2) The quality of the drill material, especially the existence of insoluble impurities and non-uniformity of components caused by the overall rigidity and toughness of drilling tools; Drilling procedures parameters are not suitable as pressure is too large, drilling speed too fast;

(3) wear serious or cracks and other defects, the use of the maintenance is not in place, the next time the use of inspection is not strict, so that the problem drill down to the hole.

(4) The equipment used in the technical state is not good, such as: Drilling rig stability, slewing bearings, such as clearance; power is insufficient, the work is unstable when the ultra load; The water supply and pressure of reciprocating pumps are uneven, and the flushing fluid generates pulsation.

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