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Basic knowledge of drilling
Jul 27, 2017

1. the basic concepts of drilling

1)the drilling rig design: according to a certain angle and direction to the underground drilling hole, by taking out the core and cuttings or in the hole into the test instrument, with proven underground mineral reserves, stratum structure, rock properties and meet other requirements of the construction, the project called drilling.

2)core drilling: drilling, at the bottom of the hole to retain the core, and mainly in order to study the core to study the underground geology and mineral drilling methods.

3)drilling: use the drill to work at the bottom of the hole, break the rock and continue to deepen the drilling operation. It includes crushing the rock at the bottom of the hole and extending the drill hole to two sides as required.

4)drilling method: when drilling underground, the method of crushing the rock at the bottom of the hole and technical measures collectively.

5)drilling technology: how to use the equipment and tools of the broken rock (soil), drilling caused a certain diameter and depth of smooth rules in strata, and take some measures to ensure the smooth progress of the work of drilling work.

6)drilling: for ore exploration or other engineering purposes, the use of drilling machinery, equipment or other methods to drive drilling and drilling cylindrical holes. The utility model has the characteristics of large depth, small diameter and arbitrary direction.

7)the three elements of the drilling space Kong Shen (L): to measure the orifice hole axis length; the angle (theta): measuring point hole axis (or its tangent) and the plumb line angle; azimuth angle (alpha): projection and direction of magnetic north point drilling in horizontal plane the.

8)drilling structure: from opening to end hole, bore diameter changes. It includes drilling bore diameter, diameter changing times, lower casing number, diameter, length, diameter change depth and sealing method at bottom of casing.

9)circulating slurry pump through the drill string in the hole (or drill string and wall clearance) the washing liquid to the bottom of the hole, the bottom of the hole to complete the washing and cooling the bit after the annular clearance between the drill string and hole wall (or drill hole) process of returning to the surface and carry out hole rock powder outside.

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