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Basic concepts of geological prospecting
Apr 24, 2017

The geological prospecting of diamond bits is the most effective means of understanding the physical nature of the earth, as a geological person, the basic concept of geology is the basis of entering this profession, the earth is composed of three layers of the crust, the mantle and the core, where the crust is accumulated by all kinds of strata, its depth is about 30 kilometers, we often say that geological prospecting is in this area, the general drilling depth will not exceed 1 kilometers.

Geological prospecting is the use of drilling equipment to the surface of the Earth's crust of a certain depth of geological drilling, through the analysis of drilled rock samples to analyze the ground strata or the basic situation of the water layer.

To understand the geological situation first to understand some basic knowledge of rocks, the crust is composed of various elements, the basic including oxygen, chlorine, silicon and all kinds of metal elements, and so on, they through a certain proportion of various types of compounds, finally, the formation of a variety of rocks, with very soft mudstone, there are very hard granite, volcanic rocks, etc., only to fully understand the basic properties of these rocks, in the use of gold drill bits to choose the appropriate diamond drill bit drilling.

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